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Welcome to The Climb
Pre and Postnatal 

 The Climb process is focused on corrective breathing to prevent or restore the core, pelvic floor, and body. Once fundamentals and breathing are executed, physical fitness is incorporated. 


Meet Azia

Certified Pre and Postnatal Corrective

Exercise Specialist, Consultant, & Coach

Hey Girl, I’m Azia Johner!


I’ve always had a motivating and helpful heart for all. My entire schooling and career has been in rehabilitation and exercise. After the birth of my first child I realized something and made a big change. Now I'm here to share my own experience with you, and guide you through this amazing and challenging journey.

BS Rehab Studies, CPT, GPTS, PPCES, PPDCC, PregnancySaf Coach

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Is Your Pelvic Floor & Core Serving You? or Holding You Back?


“ I cannot thank Azia enough for her training, encouragement, and constant guidance!! The physical changes have been incredible, and the emotional support for labor and beyond is immeasurable!”

- prenatal client 

“It was enlightening, I learned so much, and we LAUGHED! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want preventive care, pre or postpartum (7years for me) I highly recommend seeing her!”

- 7 yr postpartum client

“I approached Azia about my postpartum pelvic floor issues. My session with her was very informative, professional and sprinkled in a little humor to keep things light. Azia is very sincere and personable. She takes a subject that is often tabu and difficult to talk about and makes you feel comfortable while uncovering the root problems and helping to come up with a plan to recover properly.  ”

- successful VBAC client 

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